Top Mobile Gaming Trends for 2021

Despite the fact that the world has taken a hit from the corona pandemic, there are industries that are thriving under such circumstances. Take an example of mobile gaming; the year 2020 was considered as a major year, which was to bring large-scale growth in the industry. Until the end of 2020, the mobile gaming industry revenues were expected to grow by about $76.7 billion. The estimated growth was about a 12 percent increase from the year 2019, which shows earning potential in the field of gaming. This means the top mobile gaming trends for 2021 are worth exploring.

Since it is clear there is a big dollar to be made in the mobile gaming industry, a lot of young entrepreneurs and startups are trying to make from the opportunity. Therefore, it is a must to find the best android game development company for game development. To know more about mobile game development, you can check here for the best android game development company.

In this article, we are going to focus on the mobile gaming trends that are going to be dominant in the future.

1. Cross-Platform Play

The current scenario clearly explains to the game makers that people like to play the games such as PUBG and Fortnite on their mobile phones. A gamer wants all kinds of multi-user, high fidelity games to be on their smartphones, as well as consoles. However, they do not want any downgrade in the quality of graphics and gameplay. That could be challenging for all the game makers in the upcoming years.

The trend is going to last, as you can see how mobile games such as PUBG and Fortnight have become top hits in recent years. Moreover, people around the world are well equipped with 5G connectivity. Therefore, the game developer must focus on bringing cloud gaming into the picture, as it is going to provide a premium gaming experience to gamers.

One of the successful ventures in cross-platform gaming is Among US in the year 2020. However, the game took some time to get off, as it was launched in the year 2018. However, now the game is popular and available on Android, iOS, Xbox, PC, and PlayStation.

2. Social play with Greater Connectivity

Since the 5G technology has been launched in all countries, giving rise to social playing, it is the perfect time to push cloud gaming since the 5G rollout. The Newzoo reports predict about one billion active 5G smartphones until the end of the year 2022.

The evolution of gaming requires game developers to take advantage of 5G connectivity to enhance the gaming experience. The 5G brings high speeds, high bandwidth, and low latency to the ground, which allows game developers to create a collaborative game between gamers from around the world. Also, the 5G connectivity has other benefits that include the enabling of the transfer of the complex gaming content on the go, which allows users to have immersive gameplay.

Mobile users are becoming dominant consumers for any digital product. From online shopping to the gaming world, everything is now dependent on mobile users. The gaming world on mobile is changing like a social space where people from around the world can engage in collaborative play, which ultimately gives rise to multiplayer gaming. About 56% of the active gamers are engaging with multiplayer games.

That in itself is a bigger statement that shows the potential of social gaming.

Therefore, social gaming is going to be the way forward in the year 2021, and you can expect that following this trend is going to be fruitful.

3. Gaming as a spectator sport

The one thing that you cannot take your eye away from are the gaming tournament and leagues that features top games from around the world. Gaming is slowly taking huge advancement in becoming a spectator sport. The statistic of e-sports revenue shows reflects the size of the audience that are now viewing gaming tournaments and leagues.

The global e-sport revenue growth prediction shows a growth of $1.1 billion for the upcoming year. Moreover, if we talk about the e-sport followers, there has been an increase of about half a billion in the audience.

So, to make the most out of your games, the developer should focus on making a game that has a spectator element. A developer can use few platforms, such as Twitch, which is a game streaming service.

Expansion of premium gaming experiences

The gamer is moving away from the casual games that include candy crush and temple run. They are now focusing more on the hardcore gaming experience. The rise of games like Fortnite, PUBG, and Honor of Kings is a great example that backs up our claim.

The AAA gaming qualities are demanded in the mobile gaming world too. The trend is expected to continue. Therefore, the game maker now needs game developers that can support the development of AAA games, as art is going to be an expansive part of the development process.

Therefore, make sure to choose the best game development service to build an immersive AAA game.


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